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This 6 minute timelapse video covers 10-days of painting the mural, in conjunction with the Wide Open Walls mural festival in 2019.

This was Sacramento's 1st Filipino mural. 

Sacramento Mural Video News.png

University of Pittsburgh's Michael Walter and Maryann Sivak gives a tour of the Philippine Nationality Room at the third floor (Rm 313) of the Cathedral of Learning. Silva designed and hand-painted the ceiling and wall murals of the room and painted the replicas of the works of 19th Century Filipino Masters (Fine Arts) which are hung on the wall. The room is a mini museum of 18th Century Philippines and is the first US Museum to honor Philippine Masters in the Fine Arts.     










Promise Zone Arts seeks to illuminate the value of neighborhood cultural assets from the perspectives of residents and in this video honors Unidad Park and LA's Filipino Mural as a "Cultural Treasure" of the city.


Discover how 200 Sitka, Alaska residents completed their first community-based mural within a week.

Testimonial  from Jane Golden, artist, founder and executive director of the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program (MAP).

Video accompanies the 2006 exhibition, OTIS: Nine Decades of Los Angeles Art. Eliseo Art Silva (Fine Arts, Batch 1995/97) is included in the short film. 

TV Coverage of 1995 LA Filipino mural's 20th Anniversary and the 1st official Larry Itliong Day festival in the state of California. 

Eliseo Art Silva TFC Balitang America feature by Carmina Constantino

Historian and TV personality Xiao Chua features PHSA and includes Silva as one of the school's famous alumni. 

As a requirement for Understanding Philippine Art and Culture. Produced by Giselle Tongi- Walters
Silva founded the Larry Itliong Day Committee (LIDC) in 2015 to celebrate the city's 1st official Larry Itliong Day at Unidad Park, the park's annual Filipino event. (PH News in Filipino language) 

The Philippine High School for the Arts (PHSA). Silva's (Batch 89) one of the school's alumni featured.

Short video welcoming RideBack Ranch and includes Unidad Park and 1995 Filipino Mural.  

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